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Sonia Haoa Cardinali

Sonia Haoa sea is a Rapanui archaeologist with a Mat Foundation Ki-te-Rangi and coordinator of the national monuments of the island. She has made an important contribution to the understanding of the existence and survival of the prehistoric inhabitants. Its conclusions challenge the view that "islanders" have caused ecological and social collapse on the island.

Julieta Cardinali

Card Eve 2012. (Ева-Карт 2012) Valentin 2002. (Валентин 2002) "Ataud Blanco" 2017. ("Ataud Бланко" 2017) La Suerte esta echada 2005. Lectura Según Justino 2013. Fabian Road 2008. (Фабиан-Роуд 2008) UNA Noche con Sabrina love 2000. Dormir al Sol 2003. ¿De quién es El portaligas? 2007. La Antena 2007. aka air. Menos UN Mundo Peor 2004. Buenos Aires me Mata 1998. El Nominado 2003. (Эль Nominado 2003) UN Buda 2005. (ООН буде 2005)

Michael Cardinali

Michael sea is an Italian professional football player. He made his debut at the professional level in 2006 / 07 season Series team Giulianova Calcio C1.

Terzilio Cardinali

Terzilio sea Italian fighter known for his role in the Albanian resistance. He was born July 25, 1913 in the city of Terranuova Bracciolini. A Baker by profession, as an anti-fascist, he was involved in clashes with Benito Mussolinis fascist gangs in his youth. When Italy capitulated on 8 September 1943 he was a Sergeant in the Arezzo division. After treatment of the Albanian guerrillas to continue their war against the Germans, Terzilio together with other Italian soldiers formed the battalion Antonio Gramsci. He was elected to his comrades as commander of the battalion, a post he retained until July 8, 1944, when he was killed among the fierce fighting in Strelce, Diber region. For his exploits he was awarded the gold medallion in honor of the Albanian and Italian authorities. Today a street in Rome named after him.

Mount Cardinall

Mount Cardinall is a conical mountain, 675 metres high, lying close southwest of Mount Taylor and overlooking the northeast head of Duse Bay, at the northeast end of the Antarctic Peninsula. It was probably first seen by a party under J. Gunnar Andersson of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition, 1901–04. It was charted in 1945 by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey, who named it for Sir Allan Cardinall, then Governor of the Falkland Islands.


Cardinali may refer to: Sonia Haoa Cardinali born 1953, Rapanui archaeologist. Michael Cardinali born 1990, Italian professional football player. A ready-to-wear clothing brand name launched by Marilyn, the wife of Harry Lewis in the 1960s. Terzilio Cardinali 1913–1944, Italian soldier. Julieta Cardinali born 1977, an Argentine film and television actress.

Jessica Cardin

Jessica Carden is an American neuroscientist who is an associate Professor of neurology at Yale University School of medicine. Cardins laboratory studies of the local circuits in primary visual cortex, to understand how cellular and synaptic interaction flexibly adapt to different behavioral States and contexts give rise to visual perception and drive motivated behavior. Laboratory Cardins apply their knowledge of adaptive regulation of cortical circuit to figure out how the chain of dysfunction manifests itself in models of disease.

Erruca cardinale

Erruca Cardinale is a moth of the family Erebidae and described George Hampson in 1898. It was found in Brazil. While the state of são Paulo, where E. Cardinale first encountered this moth is also found in other parts of Brazil, Santa Catarina, especially in the city BOM Jardim da Serra, brusque, Joinville, são Bento do Sul. Erruca cardinal is described as a day-flying moth, means that unlike most moth species, it is active during the day and sleeping at night. In the first volume of the catalogue of Lepidoptera Phalaenae E. cardinal described as follows: Black-brown, antennae white at the tips, tegul with white dots, patagia with crimson spots, legs with white spots, abdomen with lateral stripes of crimson at the base, and the dorsal and two lateral series of white spots, the 1st dorsal spots large, wings colourless; veins and margins black. Fore wing with a crimson spot below base of median nervure and the basal patch on the inner border, it should be noted whiteish, a discocellular black band, the band very wide on apical area, increasing the tornus, cilia white on top. Rear wing with innter area crimson, the terminal band expanding slightly on top and above tornus.

Deepwater cardinalfish

Deepwater cardinalfishes are the body of these fishes in the family Epigonidae. The family includes about 43 species. They are small Fishes: the largest, Epigonus telescopus, reaches 75 cm 30 in length, and most grow more than 20 cm 7.9 inch or so. They are found in temperate and tropical oceans around the world. They are bathydemersal fish that lives in deep waters close to the seabed was found at a depth of 3.000 m 9.800 feet.

Beda Giovanni Cardinale

Beda Giovanni Cardinale Giovanni in trouble, too, was an Italian Prelate of the Catholic Church, who headed dioceses in Italy from 1907 to 1922, and then was in the diplomatic service of the Holy see in Latin America and Portugal.

Серый кардинал

Серый кардинал - так называют влиятельных людей, действующих негласно и обычно не занимающих формальных должностей с такими полномочиями. мощность "теневого правительства" называется criptografia.


Кардинал-французская фамилия: Кардинал, Йоан-французский футбольный вратарь. Кардинал, Пьер (Cardinal, Pierre) - французский писатель, кинорежиссер, сценарист и продюсер фильмов и сериалов.

Четверо против кардинала

"Четверо против кардинала" - комедия по мотивам романа Дюма сиквел "Четыре мушкетёра".

Гвардейцы кардинала

Гвардейцев кардинала, личная гвардия кардинала Ришелье, известен прежде всего по роману Дюма "Три мушкетёра", в которой гвардейцев кардинала заклятые враги короля мушкетеров.


Cardinaleway - семейство воробьиных птиц, имеющих сходство с атрибутации. раньше большинство систематиков взял кардиналов и смежных видов ovsyanikova. Семейство включает в себя 12 родов и 42 вида. птиц этого семейства распространены в Северной и Южной Америке. они живут в лесах, питаются семенами, фруктами, насекомыми. cardinaleway гнезда на деревьях. Половой диморфизм. семья cardinaleway назван из-за своего красного оперения похож на красный одежда католических кардиналов.

Овсянковые кардиналы

Это маленькая птица. для большинства характерен половой диморфизм: самцы ярко окрашены, а самки в основном коричневатого или оливкового цвета.


Кардинал - коммуна в Италии, располагается в регионе Калабрия, в провинции Катандзаро. Население 2615 человек 2008 г. плотность населения 84 чел. /. площадь км2 31 км2. зип - 88062. телефонный код - 0967.


Муньяно-дель-Кардинале - коммуна в Италии, располагается в регионе Кампания, в провинции Авеллино. Население 4910 человек, плотность населения 409 чел. /. площадь км2 12 км2. зип - 83027. телефонный код - 081. Покровителем коммуны почитается Пресвятая Дева Мария Madonna delle Grazie (Мадонна-делле-Грацие), праздник 2 июля.


Коломбье-Ле-кардинал-коммуна во Франции, находится в регионе Рона - Альпы, Департамента. коммуны Ардеш. является частью кантона Серьер район. комуно - Турнон-сюр-Рон. Код INSEE (НИСЭИ) комунна - 07067. Коммуна расположена приблизительно в 440 км к юго-востоку от Парижа, в 60 км к югу от Лиона, в 65 км к северу от города Прива.

Аризона Кардиналс

Аризона Кардиналс - профессиональный футбольный клуб, который играет в Национальной футбольной лиги. команда была основана в 1898 году.

  • cardinal numbers, or cardinals for short, are a generalization of the natural numbers used to measure the cardinality size of sets. The cardinality
  • cardinal is inaccessible if it cannot be obtained from smaller cardinals by the usual operations of cardinal arithmetic. More precisely, a cardinal κ
  • A cardinal Latin: Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae cardinalis, literally cardinal of the Holy Roman Church is a leading bishop and prince of the College of
  • Cardinals in the family Cardinalidae, are passerine birds found in North and South America. They are also known as cardinal - grosbeaks and cardinal - buntings
  • In linguistics, more precisely in traditional grammar, a cardinal numeral or cardinal number word is a part of speech used to count, such as the English
  • French: prince de fortune was a cardinal elevated by a pope who was that cardinal s relative. The practice of creating cardinal - nephews originated in the Middle
  • northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis is a bird in the genus Cardinalis it is also known colloquially as the redbird, common cardinal red cardinal or
  • field of set theory, a large cardinal property is a certain kind of property of transfinite cardinal numbers. Cardinals with such properties are, as the
  • thirteenth century it has been customary at Rome to confide to some particular Cardinal a special solicitude in the Roman Curia for the interests of a given religious
  • The Cardinal is a thrice - weekly long distance passenger train operated by Amtrak between New York Penn Station and Chicago Union Station, with major intermediate
  • Cardinal voting refers to any electoral system which allows the voter to give each candidate an independent rating or grade. These are also referred to
  • the mathematics of transfinite numbers, an ineffable cardinal is a certain kind of large cardinal number, introduced by Jensen & Kunen 1969 In the following
  • mathematics, limit cardinals are certain cardinal numbers. A cardinal number λ is a weak limit cardinal if λ is neither a successor cardinal nor zero. This
  • In mathematics, a Mahlo cardinal is a certain kind of large cardinal number. Mahlo cardinals were first described by Paul Mahlo  1911, 1912, 1913 As
  • 1930. Formally, a measurable cardinal is an uncountable cardinal number κ such that there exists a κ - additive, non - trivial, 0 - 1 - valued measure on the power
  • von Neumann cardinal assignment is a cardinal assignment which uses ordinal numbers. For a well - orderable set U, we define its cardinal number to be
  • The four cardinal directions, or cardinal points, are the directions north, east, south, and west, commonly denoted by their initials N, E, S, and W. East
  • Brian Lee Cardinal born May 2, 1977 is an American former professional basketball player. He played 456 games in the NBA between 2000 and 2012, and won
  • Archbishop of New York from 1984 until his death in 2000, and was created a cardinal in 1985. He previously served as a U.S. Navy chaplain 1952 1979, including
  • The 2010 Stanford Cardinal football team represented Stanford University in the 2010 NCAA Division I FBS football season. The Cardinal were led by head
  • A crown - cardinal Italian: cardinale della corona was a cardinal protector of a Roman Catholic nation, nominated or funded by a Catholic monarch to serve
  • Cardinal is a vivid red, which may get its name from the cassocks worn by Catholic cardinals although the color worn by cardinals is scarlet The cardinal
  • The Daily Cardinal is a student newspaper that serves the University of Wisconsin Madison community. One of the oldest student newspapers in the country
  • The MQM - 61 Cardinal was a target drone designed and built by Beechcraft. While the Radioplane BTT was a popular piston - powered target, such a simple target
  • The Stanford Cardinal are the athletic teams that represent Stanford University. As of December 22, 2019, Stanford s program has won 126 NCAA team championships
  • Pietro Ottoboni 2 July 1667 29 February 1740 was an Italian cardinal and grandnephew of Pope Alexander VIII, who was also born Pietro Ottoboni. He
  • The 2013 Stanford Cardinal football team represented Stanford University in the 2013 NCAA Division I FBS football season. The Cardinal were led by third - year
  • mathematics, a cardinal function or cardinal invariant is a function that returns cardinal numbers. The most frequently used cardinal function is a function
  • May 1550 was the third son of the ruling Duke of Lorraine, and a French cardinal who was at one time or another archbishop of Reims 1532 1538 Lyon
  • College of Cardinals in the central Middle Ages 11th to 13th century an external cardinal as opposed to a curial cardinal was a Cardinal of the Holy
  • The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, commonly known as The Cardinal Wiseman School, is a Catholic school comprising a comprehensive secondary school and
  • The Cessna 177 Cardinal is a light single - engine, high - wing general aviation aircraft produced by Cessna. It was intended to replace the Cessna 172 Skyhawk
  • The 2012 Stanford Cardinal football team represented Stanford University in the 2012 NCAA Division I FBS football season. The Cardinal were led by second - year
  • attendance to 111 97.4 per cent of all cardinal electors, 86. 0 per cent of all cardinals Two cardinals both cardinal electors, died in the time between
  • Cardinals are senior ecclesiastical leaders of the Catholic Church, almost always ordained bishops and generally holding important roles within the church
  • 2011 Stanford Cardinal football team represented Stanford University in the 2011 NCAA Division I FBS college football season. The Cardinal were led by former
  • The Stanford Cardinal men s basketball team represents Stanford University in Stanford, California, United States. The school s team currently competes
  • The 2015 Stanford Cardinal football team represented Stanford University in the 2015 NCAA Division I FBS football season. The Cardinal were led by fifth - year
  • In mathematics, a Q - indescribable cardinal is a certain kind of large cardinal number that is hard to describe in some language Q. There are many different
  • routed 49 - 0 Its annual Big Game against California is the oldest and most storied rivalry in the Pac - 12 and western United States. The Cardinal also compete
  • The cardinal ligament or Mackenrodt s ligament, lateral cervical ligament, or transverse cervical ligament is a major ligament of the uterus. It is located
  • The Cardinal Greenway TGC is a multi - use recreational system combining a rail trail and an on - street route that together cross 62 miles 100 km and
  • of the Cardinals all three times the two teams played. But in 1925, the Bears went 0 1 1 against the Cardinals with the tie meaning the Cardinals were only
  • Southland Conference championship with a 3 0 1 conference record and a 6 3 1 overall record, the Cardinals played in the inaugural Pecan Bowl losing to
  • Helie de Talleyrand - Perigord 1301 17 January, 1364 was a French Cardinal from one of the most aristocratic families in Perigord, south - west France
  • The Cardinal Laws Polish: Prawa kardynalne were a quasi - constitution enacted in Warsaw, Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth, by the Repnin Sejm of 1767 68
  • The St. Louis C2 Cardinal family are a series of light sport monoplanes built by the St. Louis Aircraft Corporation during the peak of the Lindbergh Boom
  • The red - capped cardinal Paroaria gularis is a small South American bird. It belongs to Paroaria, a genus in the tanager family Thraupidae. In 1760 the
  • The Arizona Cardinals are a professional American football team based in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The Cardinals compete in the National Football
  • Andre Cardinal Destouches sometimes called des Touches baptised 6 April 1672 7 February 1749 was a French composer best known for the opera - ballet

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