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Texas State Highway 55

State highway 55 state highway in Texas, USA. He is from the North-West Uvalde through the West hills on the Edwards plateau, ending South of Sonora.

Interstate 55

Interstate 55 is a major highway in the Central United States. As in most highways that end in five, is one of the main cross-country route North–South, connecting the Gulf of Mexico to the Great lakes. The highway travels from Laplace, Louisiana on I-10 to Chicago at U.S. route 41, in McCormick place. In major cities, I-55 connects to the New Orleans, Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis, St. Louis and Chicago. Section I-55 between Chicago and St. Louis was built as an alternative route for us-66. It crosses the Mississippi river twice: once at Memphis, and again in St. Louis.

VP-29 (1946-55)

VP-29 patrol squadron of the U.S. Navy. The squadron was established as patrol squadron 911 on July 6, 1946 renamed medium patrol squadron 61 on 15 November 1946, renamed patrol squadron 812 in February 1950 renamed the patrol company 29 27 August 1952 and abolished from November 1, 1955. It was the second squadron to be assigned to the Vice-29, first Vice-29 was disbanded on 18 January 1950.

Maryland Route 55

Route 55 MD state highway in the U.S. state of Maryland. Known as Vale summit road, the state highway 2.53 km from MD 36 in Vale summit North to U.S. alternate route 40 in Clarysville. MD 55 connects the La Vale with Midland in the upper part of the valley of Georges Creek in northwestern Allegany. MD 55 was paved from Clarysville to Vale summit 1921, and extended South to Midland in the late 1930-ies. The highway was truncated at vail-summit, when he took MD 36 over the portion of a highway on a new alignment in the early 1970-ies.

Utah State Route 55

Highway 55 is a short highway that loops around the town of price in Central Utah, the United States, starting and ending at us-6 / US-191 for three miles. This is an old routing of us-6 and us-50. The whole route is signed with U.S. route 6 business.

Florida State Road 55

State road 55 is mainly the internal or secret designation of route 19 through Florida, although it appeared on maps and atlases a few times. State road 55 is happening in Georgia state line North of Ashville, and ends at SR 684 in Bradenton. North Perry is a secret route for us 221, continuing North into Georgia as Georgia state route 76. South of Memphis, this is the secret designation for US 41, it is also a secret designation for US 301 in the Bradenton - Palmetto area, along the segment together with the US 41. Very little evidence of SR 55 years of existence can be found, except in levy, Dixie and Taylor counties. In the County of Dixie, for example, theres a CR 55A in Old town and fanning springs. In chiefland, us 19S status as SR 55 is exposed on the street-signs, and one shield South of us 27 ALT.


The new General catalogue object NGC 55, a magnitude 7.9 barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor. Messier object M55, a magnitude 7.0 globular cluster in the constellation Sagittarius.

Orphan 55

"Orphan 55" is the third episode of the twelfth series of the British science fiction television program "Doctor Who", first aired on BBC One on 12 January 2020. It was written by ed Hime and directed by Lee Jones. In the episode, the Thirteenth doctor jodie Whittaker and her companions Graham obrien Bradley Walsh, Ryan, Sinclair Tosin Cole, and yasmin Khan Mandip Gill trip to the Spa Tranquility after Graham wins a free vacation, alien resort on a deserted planet, teeming with mutated creatures. The episode was watched by 5.38 million viewers and was the twelfth series of the most poorly rated the episode among critics and viewers.

BLK 55

BLK 55 is a hip-hop activist and rapper. BLK 55 A. K. A. Andra Sandi started his career in mid-2011 with a number one stage name released the single Perjuangan Kita "and" Ku Jatuh Cinta "then vacuum out of the rap music world as a solo rapper in 2013 then formed the rap group dostep CREW with 3 friends and worked until early 2016 and decided to step back from DOSTEP CREW and released his third solo single called" Hati-Hati in early 2017 and I dont care about 2018 with the stage name new BLK 55. After not hearing from their works for a long time BLK 55 bounced back and released their only RUNNIN Prod. According to SNNC in April 2019, where Akbar haqa was the manufacturer of Ececutive.

Class 55

Class 55 may refer to: Class 55.72, 55.81: Prussian G 8.1 s left in DR in East Germany After 1945. Class 55.62 II: the JDZ 132. Class 55.60 II: ČSD class 413.2. Class 55.57-58 II: BBO 73, ČSD class 414.0, PKP class Tp15, JDZ 133. Class 55.61: PKP class Tp6, PKP class Tp108, PKP class Tp109, PKP class Tp104, PKP class Tp102. Class 55.16-22: Prussian G 8, PKP class Tp3. DRG Class 55, a German 0-8-0 class freight locomotive operated by Deutsche Reichsbahn and consisting of the following subclasses. Class 55.58: Mecklenburg G 8.1. Class 55.71: class 402.0 EMERGENCY, class 402.2 EMERGENCY, class 403.2 EMERGENCY. Class 55.25-57: Prussian G 8.1, PKP class Tp4. Class 55.23-24: Prussian G 9. Class 55.59 II: BBO 174, PKP class Tp17, PKP class Tp106. Class 55.7-14: Prussian G 7.2, PKP class Tp2. Class 55.60: Saxon I V. Class 55.57: Mecklenburg G 7.2. Class 55.59: Palatine G 5. British Rail Class 55, a British diesel locomotive. Class 55.15: ČSD class 413.1. Class 55.0-6: Prussian G 7.1, PKP class Tp1, LBE G 7. Class 55.70: BBO 571. Class 55.62: Oldenburg G 7.

Сожалею о вашей утрате

"Сожалею о вашей утрате" - Американская драма, веб-сериал Кит Steinkellner Элизабет Олсен, Келли Мари Трэн, Жанна дAdepo, Амадо АТИ и Джанет Мактир в главных ролях. премьера сериала состоялась 18 сентября 2018 года в Facebook Watch (Facebook Смотреть).

7:35 утра

"7:35 утра" - испанский черно-белый музыкальный короткометражный фильм 2003 года номинант. для "Оскар" -2005 в номинации "Лучший игровой короткометражный фильм".

Успенская церковь (Иркутск, утрачена)

Успенская церковь - теперь потеряли Православной Церкви, которая была расположена в центре Иркутска на Успенской площади. 25 мая 1835 года на средства иркутского купца Medvednikova П. Ф. и его сын Medvednikova А. П. была основана каменная церковь Успения. В 1930 году храм был закрыт, а спустя год его взорвали, на его месте был разбит парк. Успенская церковь была построена в стиле зрелого классицизма и выдающийся профессионализм.

Большой Утрас

Большой Utras - река в Нижегородской и Костромской областей России, протекает по территории Ветлужский и шар округах, соответственно. устье реки в 483 км на правом берегу реки Ветлуга. длина реки составляет 36 км, площадь водосбора - 359 км2. Большой Utras в верховьях называется Utras происходит на территории Нижегородской области в 11 км к северо-востоку от деревни Калининская, но течет в Нижегородской области-всего километр, а затем впадает в территории Костромской. в общем потоке направление на северо - восток, к устью поворачивает на юго-востоке. Все течение реки проходит через необжитые болотистые леса.

Малый Утрас

Небольшой Outras - река в России, протекает в Шарьинский район Костромской области. устье реки находится в 0.4 км на правом берегу реки Отрас. длина реки составляет 20 км, площадь водосбора 97.9 км2. Исток реки находится к югу от села Barabanovo в 31 км к юго-западу от Шарьи. река течет на север, крупных притоков и населенных пунктов нет. впадает в большую Outras 400 метров выше слияния с крупнейшим Utras в Ветлуге.

В поисках утраченного

"В поисках утраченного" - Русский биографический телевизионная программа о знаменитых лиц 20 века, которая была опубликована на 1-м канал Останкино с 13 декабря 1993 (По 1993) 26 ноябрь 2000 года. Осенью 2000 по сентября 2001 года программа не выходит в эфир, и с 15 сентября по 27 октября 2001 года программа транслировалась на канале НТВ по инициативе нового генерального продюсера канала Александра Олейникова. большую часть сезона, директор программы Елена смелая. после ухода Олейникова с этой позиции, программа была окончательно закрыта. После затишья 31 январь 2002 года ОРТ повторил освобождения Алексея Грибова. Пилотный выпуск, посвященный Леонида Утесова, был выпущен в сентябре 1993 (Года 1993).

Лишь до утра

"Лишь до утра", песня молдавского певца Дана Балана, написанная Дэном. песня была выпущена в качестве сингла с грядущего альбома певицы 26 сентября 2011 (Года 2011).

Тридцать семь и два по утрам

"Тридцать семь и два по утрам" - фильм 1986 (Года 1986). работа французского режиссера Жан-Жака Beneks, номинирован на "Оскар" в 1987 году. адаптация работы, которую написал Филипп Джиан.

Три часа утра

"Три часа утра" - картина американского художника-реалиста Джона Слоана, написано в 1909 году. В 1946 году картина была передана из частной коллекции в дар художественный музей Филадельфии, где он хранится.

Дожить до утра

"Дожить до утра" - американский боевик режиссера Мэтта Эскандари. В Соединенных Штатах Америки фильм был выпущен 22 мая 2020 года в Интернете. Цифровой релиз в России состоялся на 30 мая 2020 году.

  • turret. T - 55 AM 2 is fitted with additional headlights on the front fenders. T - 55 AM 2 Dyna - 1 - T - 55 AM 2 fitted with new armour array. T - 55 AM 2B - T - 55 AM 2 with
  • T - 54, T - 54A, T - 54AD and T - 54 AM tanks between 1956 and 1964 and 7, 000 T - 55 between 1964 and 1968 T - 55 L, T - 55 AD - 1 and T - 55 AD - 2 tanks between 1968 and
  • The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 890 kHz: WLS in Chicago and KBBI in Homer, Alaska share Class A status on 890 kHz, and WLS is the
  • Some of those are: AM - 087 - an analgesic CB1 agonist derived from Δ8THC substituted with a side chain on the 3 - position, it has a Ki of 0 43nM making it roughly
  • AM General is an American heavy vehicle and contract automotive manufacturer based in South Bend, Indiana. It is best known for the civilian Hummer and
  • BWV 55 Ich armer Mensch, ich Sundenknecht I, a desolate man, am in bondage to sin. Julian Mincham, 2010 Ich armer Mensch, ich Sundenknecht, BWV 55 performance
  • protein - coupled receptor 55 also known as GPR 55 is a G protein - coupled receptor that in humans is encoded by the GPR 55 gene. GPR 55 along with GPR119 and
  • a common parish. Oberhofen am Thunersee has an area of 2.71 km2 1.05 sq mi As of the 2004 survey, a total of 0 55 km2 0 21 sq mi or 20.2 is used
  • transmitter located at 43 36 55 N 79 22 50 W 43.615278 N 79.380556 W 43.615278 - 79.380556 CHIN - 50 kW day, 30 kW night XESTN - AM in Monterrey, Nuevo
  • XEHS - AM in Los Mochis, Sinaloa XEWA - AM in San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi - 150 kW, transmitter located at 22 09 29 N 100 55 35 W 22.157944 N 100.92625 W
  • Army bought eight MT - 55As from the Czech Republic along with 40 T - 55 AM 2 tanks, 16 VT - 55 recovery vehicles, three mobile workshop vehicles, 12 Tatra T815
  • CBON - 12 - 0 04 kW day, 0 04 kW night Stations in bold are clear - channel stations. XEAU - AM in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon XEFC - AM in Merida, Yucatan XEHR - AM in Puebla
  • The Martin AM Mauler originally XBTM was a single - seat shipboard attack aircraft built for the United States Navy. Designed during World War II, the
  • Amanda Lear 2: 55 Side B Alligator Rainer Pietsch, Amanda Lear 4: 35 The Lady in Black Anthony Monn, Amanda Lear 3: 30 I Am a Photograph Anthony
  • The 1954 55 Montreal Canadiens season was the Canadiens 46th season of play. The Canadiens finished in second place in the National Hockey League NHL
  • 61.8117 CBSI - 5 - 0 04 kW day, 0 04 kW night XEBAC in Bahia Asuncion, Baja California Sur XEGRM - AM in Ometepec, Guerrero XEPO - AM in San Luis Potosi
  • co - host on the station. Towers: 47 23 55 N 122 26 0 W 47.39861 N 122.43333 W 47.39861 - 122.43333 KIRO - AM tower Vashon Island, Washington Headquarters:
  • including at doses as low as 10 mg. AM - 2201 is a full agonist for cannabinoid receptors. Affinities are: with a Ki of 1. 0 nM at CB1 and 2.6 nM at CB2. The
  • AM - 2233 is a controlled substance in China. AM - 679 AM - 694 AM - 1220 AM - 1221 AM - 1235 AM - 1241 AM - 2232 Cannabipiperidiethanone FUBIMINA JWH - 018 List of AM
  • Canada AM was a Canadian breakfast television news show that aired on CTV from 1972 to 2016. Its final hosts were Beverly Thomson and Marci Ien, with Jeff
  • Pan Am Flight 103 was a regularly scheduled Pan Am transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to Detroit via London and New York. On 21 December 1988, N739PA
  • of Δ8 - THC, substituted on the 3 - position side chain. AM - 087 is a potent CB1 agonist with a Ki of 0 43 nM, making it around 100 times more potent than THC
  • WFME 1560 AM is a non - commercial educational, religious - formatted radio station licensed to New York City it operates as a Class A clear - channel station
  • broadcast on AM frequency 1140 kHz: 1140 AM is a Mexican and United States clear - channel frequency. XEMR - AM and WRVA share Class A status of 1140 AM La Luna
  • radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1550 kHz: 1550 AM is a clear - channel frequency, shared by Canada and Mexico. XERUV - AM and CBEF share Class A status
  • with a Ki of 0 8 nM at CB1 and 9.5 nM at CB2, a selectivity of almost 12x. The corresponding E or trans isomer is AM - 905. AM - 1235 AM - 2389 Busch - Petersen
  • stations broadcast on AM frequency 1360 kHz: 1360 AM is a regional broadcast frequency. Class B and D stations broadcast on 1360 AM AM 1360 in Maria Grande
  • AM - 411 is a potent and fairly selective CB1 full agonist with a Ki of 6.80 nM, but is still also a moderately potent CB2 agonist with a Ki of 52. 0 nM
  • broadcast on AM frequency 1120 kHz: 1120 AM is a United States clear - channel frequency. KMOX in Saint Louis, Missouri is the dominant station on 1120 AM LV5
  • Weil am Rhein station is a small railway junction in Weil am Rhein in the German state of Baden - Wurttemberg on the German - Swiss border. The Weil am Rhein Lorrach
  • on AM frequency 1030 kHz: 1030 AM is a United States clear - channel frequency. WBZ in Boston, Massachusetts is the dominant Class A station on 1030 AM LS10
  • broadcast on AM frequency 760 kHz: WJR in Detroit, Michigan is the only class A station in North America broadcasting on 760 AM 760 AM is a U.S. clear - channel
  • Highway 55 is a paved, undivided provincial highway in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It runs from Alberta Highway 55 the Alberta border, west
  • stations broadcast on AM frequency 1000 kHz: 1000 AM is a United States and Mexican clear - channel frequency. KOMO, WMVP and XEOY - AM share Class A status
  • The Pontiac Grand Am is a mid - size car and later a compact car that was produced by Pontiac. The history of Grand Am starts with Pontiac executives noting
  • radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1330 kHz: 1330 AM is a Regional broadcast frequency. LRI237 in Rosario, Santa Fe XEEV - AM in Izucar de Matamoros
  • 640 AM - The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 640 kHz: 640 AM is a North American clear - channel frequency. KFI in Los Angeles, California
  • The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 740 kHz: 740 AM is a Canadian clear - channel frequency CFZM in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the dominant
  • stations broadcast on AM frequency 1530 kHz: 1530 AM is a United States clear - channel frequency. KFBK and WCKY share Class A status on 1530 AM D3RW in Cabinda
  • radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 690 kHz: 690 AM is a Canadian and Mexican clear - channel frequency. CKGM and XEWW - AM share Class A status of 690 kHz
  • Institute. p. 1. ISBN 0 - 934544 - 07 - 7. Query the FCC s AM station database for KVFD Radio - Locator Information on KVFD Query Nielsen Audio s AM station database
  • The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1130 kHz: 1130 AM is a clear - channel frequency shared by Canada and The United States. CKWX, KWKH
  • broadcast on AM frequency 920 kHz: 920 AM is a Regional broadcast frequency. XELCM in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan XELE - AM in Tampico, Tamaulipas XELT - AM in Huentitan
  • following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1500 kHz: The Federal Communications Commission categorizes 1500 AM as a U.S. clear - channel frequency.
  • broadcast on AM frequency 1040 kHz: 1040 AM is a United States clear - channel frequency. WHO in Des Moines, Iowa is the dominant station on 1040 AM LRG203
  • stations broadcast on AM frequency 800 kHz: 800 AM is a Mexican clear - channel frequency XEROK is the dominant station on 800 AM See also List of broadcast
  • less selectivity, with the - enantiomer AM - 4030a having a Ki of 0 6nM at CB1 and 1.1nM at CB2. AM - 919 AM - 938 Pertwee R. Cannabinoids Handbook of
  • radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1260 kHz: There are 60 stations in the United States which broadcast on 1260 AM the Federal Communications Commission
  • The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 590 kHz: 590 AM is a Regional broadcast frequency. LRA30 in Bariloche LS4 in Buenos Aires LV12 in
  • The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1520 kHz: 1520 AM is a United States clear - channel frequency. WWKB in Buffalo, New York and KOKC

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