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0,95 в виде дроби


In common usage a fraction in any part of the unit, for example: Part mathematics, one or more equal parts of something, e.g. three out of four equal quarters, written as 3 / 4. Algebraic a specified division in which the divisor, or both dividend and divisor, are algebraic expressions. Irrational fractions, algebraic fractions type.

Clergy fraction

The number of clerics in the Parliament has declined significantly since 1980. According to Yasmin Alem, it is difficult to explain this decline, however, some factors may have played a role in this trend: Popularity of clerics has waved since the new generation of voters has less emotional ties to the revolution, and political factions and coalitions adapted stratagems leading to de-clericalization.

Womens fraction

The Womens fraction is a cross-factional all-female parliamentary group in the Iranian Parliament which advocates Womens rights in Iran.

Partisans (PUWP fraction)

Partisans - an informal group in the Polish United Workers Party. It was created in the 1960s, its main creators were Mieczyslaw Moczar and General Grzegorz Korczynski. The name comes from the Nazi occupation history of Moczar and Korczynski, when they commanded partisan troops and refers to the veteran ethos.

Mole fraction

In chemistry, the mole fraction or molar fraction is defined as the amount of a constituent, n i divided by the total amount of all constituents in a mixture, n tot: x i = n i n t o t {\displaystyle x_{i}={\frac {n_{i}}{n_{\mathrm {tot} }}}} The sum of all mole fractions is equal to 1: ∑ i = 1 n i = n t o t, ∑ i = 1 N x i = 1 {\displaystyle \sum _{i=1}^{N}n_{i}=n_{\mathrm {tot} },\,\sum _{i=1}^{N}x_{i}=1} The same concept expressed with a denominator of 100 is the mole percent or molar percent or molar fraction mol.% Molar concentration is also called the amount fraction. It is identical to the number fraction, which is defined as the number of molecules of a Constituent N I divided by the total number of molecules in the. The mole fraction is sometimes denoted by the lowercase Greek letter Chi χ is the Roman H. For mixtures of gases, IUPAC recommends the letter Y. The national Institute of standards and technology United States prefers the term number, the fraction by mole fraction because it does not contain the name of the unit mole. Whereas mole fraction is a ratio of moles to moles, molar concentration is a ratio of moles to volume. The mole fraction is one way of expressing composition of mixture with a dimensionless quantity, the mass fraction to mass percent, Wt.%, a volume fraction in percent by volume,% About the others.

Amount fraction

Hezbollah fraction

Hezbollah fraction was the conservative parliamentary group in the Iranian Parliament between 1996 and 2000. Its leader was Ali Akbar Hosseini.

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is a form of heart failure in which the ejection fraction - the percentage of the volume of blood ejected from the left ventricle with each heartbeat divided by the volume of blood when the left ventricle is maximally filled - is normal, defined as greater than 50%, this may be measured by echocardiography or cardiac catheterization. Approximately half of people with heart failure have preserved ejection fraction, while the other half have a reduction in ejection fraction, called heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. Risk factors for HFpEF: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, Smoking and obstructive sleep apnea. HFpEF is characterized by abnormal diastolic function: increased stiffness of the left ventricle, which leads to decline of relaxation of the left ventricle during diastole, causing increased pressure and / or impaired filling. There is an increased risk of atrial fibrillation and pulmonary hypertension. There is controversy concerning the relationship between diastolic heart failure and HFpEF.

Day count fraction

Islamic Revolution fraction

The Islamic revolution faction was a parliamentary group in the 8th legislature of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Led by Ruhollah Hosseinian, the members of the group were conservatives who support Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The band was at the peak of 70 members, and can be combined with other 30 members.


Видергельтинген - коммуна в Германии, в земле Бавария. Подчинен административному округу Швабия. является частью района Нижний Альгой. население 1393 человек на 31 декабря 2010 года. площадь 11.61. км2. официальный код - 09 7 78 216.


Видерштедт - коммуна в Германии, в земле Саксония-Анхальт. Входит в состав района Мансфельд. под управлением Виппер-Эне. население 1105 человек на 31 декабря 2006 года. покрывает зону 9.54. км2. официальный код - 15 2 60 068.


Кёнигсхайн-Видерау - коммуна в Германии, в земле Саксония. Подчиняется административному округу Хемниц. Входит в состав района Средняя Саксония. Население составляет 2846 человек. Занимает площадь 30.89 км². Официальный код - 14 1 82 200. Муниципалитет разделен на 4 сельского округа.


Видеопроцессор - техническое устройство, выполняющее нелинейную обработку видеосигнала или цифрового образа изображения. Аналоговый видеопроцессор. (Analog video processor) Цифровой видеопроцессор. (Digital video processor) По теме Видеопроцессор должна быть отдельная статья, а не страница значений. После создания основной статьи страницу значений, если в ней будет необходимость, переименуйте в Видеопроцессор значения.





Videometrix - российская компания-разработчик программного обеспечения для интеллектуальных промышленных аналитика на основе искусственного интеллекта и компьютерного зрения в промышленности 4.0 программное обеспечение. выпускаться под суб-брендом Vmx. Центральный офис расположен в г. Екатеринбург. компания работает преимущественно в России и странах СНГ клиенты. "Северсталь", Группа Компаний "Русагро", ArcelorMittal (АрселорМиттал), "Нижнекамскнефтехим", ОАО "НЛМК".


Zip это программное обеспечение, предназначенное для конвертирования видео и аудио файлов в форматы, а также редактировать их. разработаны в 2011 году российская компания AMS Software, участвующих в создании программного обеспечения для медиа. лицензию "Shareware", т. е. имеет бесплатную пробную версию и несколько вариантов лицензий, каждая из которых предоставляет пользователю новые возможности. поддерживается всеми версиями Windows (Окна), от XP.


Дробинина-село в Коркинском сельском поселении Упоровского района Тюменской области. Он расположен на правом берегу реки Тобол на трассе Упорово-Бунково-Коркино. Он состоит из одной Октябрьской улицы. Расстояние до города Коркино 5 км, районного центра села Упорово 33 км, областного центра города Тюмени 175 км.

  • An ejection fraction EF is the volumetric fraction or portion of the total of fluid usually blood ejected from a chamber usually the heart with
  • Windows 95 is a consumer - oriented operating system developed by Microsoft as part of its Windows 9x family of operating systems. The first operating system
  • such as in 3.14 is the approximation of π to two decimals The numbers that may be represented in the decimal system are the decimal fractions that
  • noted as 1 7 32 inch. Below is a chart providing the decimal - fraction equivalents that are most relevant to fractional - inch drill bit sizes that is, 0 to
  • 68 95 99.7 rule, also known as the empirical rule, is a shorthand used to remember the percentage of values that lie within a band around the mean in a normal
  • serves as a handy bridge between the two. It is also a useful for getting an impression of the size of a rocket: while two rockets with mass fractions of
  • unbound fraction which exhibits pharmacologic effects. It is also the fraction that may be metabolized and or excreted. For example, the fraction bound
  • entire message into a single number, an arbitrary - precision fraction q where 0 0 q 1. 0 It represents the current information as a range, defined by
  • rational numbers in a canonical form as an irreducible fraction A list of rational numbers is shown below. The names of fractions can be found at numeral
  • distinct isotopic fractionations that can be measured and correlated with among oxygenic phototrophs. The degree of carbon isotope fractionation is influenced
  • cured by a given treatment, called the cure fraction or cure rate, is determined by comparing disease - free survival of treated people against a matched
  • problem, the 2 pq series Gillings 1972: 95 96 1982 Knorr identifies RMP unit fractions 2 35, 2 91 and 2 95 as exceptions to the 2 pq problem. 2002
  • consecutive nines in a percentage such as 99 two nines or a decimal fraction such as 0 999 three nines The number of nines of a proportion x is n i
  • detect compounds with a mass spectrometer based on their chemical composition. The term packing fraction was defined by Aston as the difference of the
  • PSD - 95 postsynaptic density protein 95 also known as SAP - 90 synapse - associated protein 90 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the DLG4 discs
  • algorithm. In this sense, if a source of random numbers is available, most algorithms in RP are highly practical. The fraction 1 2 in the definition is arbitrary
  • fragment contains a table of Egyptian fraction representations of numbers of the form 2 n. A more complete version of this table of fractions is given in the
  • eclipses constitute a relatively small fraction of lunar eclipses, and the distribution of these events is uneven, occurring between 0 and 9 times per century
  • sickness. Methods used include batch mixing by partial pressure or by mass fraction and continuous blending processes. Completed blends are analysed for composition
  • each tempered by a fraction of the syntonic comma 81: 80, 21.51 cents As meantone temperaments are often described by what fraction of the syntonic comma
  • positive fractions together with an initial positive integer input n. The program is run by updating the integer n as follows: for the first fraction f in
  • available. As such nrfr starts out as 1. 0 and decreases as world3 runs. Fraction of capital allocated to obtaining resources is dependent on nrfr as interpolated
  • interpreted as with probability 0 95 we will find a confidence interval in which the value of parameter μ will be between the stochastic endpoints X 0 98
  • remainder standard as needed to a second 320 320 standard recorded in 320 ro statements. Some examples include: Problems 35 38 find fractions of the hekat.
  • WZNF 95 3 MHz, 95 - 3 Gorilla is a commercial FM radio station licensed to Lumberton, Mississippi and serving the Biloxi - Gulfport - Mississippi Gulf
  • i.e., as a fully reduced fraction as m n for natural numbers m and n. Then 5 can be expressed in lower terms as 5n 2m m 2n, which is a contradiction
  • elementary fractions 1 2, 1 3, 2 3, 1 4 and 3 4 all have a short terminating representation in duodecimal 0 6, 0 4, 0 8, 0 3 and 0 9, respectively
  • and employed around 10, 000 people. However, after a failed privatisation in the 1990s, only a fraction is left now. According to the 2001 census, the town
  • Numbers, or RTNs. The fraction form was used for manual processing before the invention of the MICR line, and still serves as a backup in check processing
  • A tolerance interval can be seen as a statistical version of a probability interval. In the parameters - known case, a 95 tolerance interval and a 95
  • of isotopes of a chemical element as naturally found on a planet. The relative atomic mass a weighted average, weighted by mole - fraction abundance figures
  • an inflammatory response. The fraction of exhaled NO FENO is a promising biomarker for the diagnosis, follow - up and as a guide to therapy in adults and
  • KKHH 95 7 MHz 95 7 The Spot is a commercial FM radio station in Houston, Texas. It is owned by Entercom and airs an adult hits radio format. The studios
  • Ethnic groups: 95 3 White, 2.9 Indigenous, 1.8 Other Languages: 96.8 French, 1.1 English, 2.1 Other Religions: 88.7 Christian, 0 8 Other, 10.5
  • series of increasingly accurate approximations. The continued fraction representation of a real number can be used instead of its decimal or binary expansion
  • 95 percent of the country speaking Standard German or German dialects as their first language. This figure includes speakers of Northern Low Saxon, a
  • organelles. But, as strong evidences were still lacking, he did not publish his hypothesis. In 1955 his team demonstrated similar cell fractions with same biochemical
  • be a relatively easy to discover number, as it would simply be some fraction of the age of the universe. It has also been hypothesized that once a civilization
  • 1.25 MHz. Therefore, when fading occurs it occurs only over a relatively small fraction of the total CDMA signal bandwidth. The portion of the signal
  • choose, then a given fraction 1  S, of truly random series will be declared falsely, by construction to have a significant trend. Conversely, a certain
  • plutonium alloy bearing an exceptionally high fraction of 239Pu 95 leaving a very low amount of 240Pu, which is a high spontaneous fission isotope see above
  • Criterion is to bet a predetermined fraction of assets, and it can seem counterintuitive. It was described by J. L. Kelly, Jr, a researcher at Bell Labs
  • disease. Nonetheless, the fraction of patients who test positive who do have the disease 0 019 is 19 times the fraction of people who have not yet
  • separate chromosomes have a 50 chance of recombination, due to independent assortment. θ is the recombinant fraction i.e. the fraction of births in which recombination
  • Then, p2 is the fraction of the population homozygous for the first allele, 2pq is the fraction of heterozygotes, and q2 is the fraction homozygous for
  • the age of 95 Penner collaborated with Theodore von Karman in the later years of von Karman life for 15 years. The Karman Penner flux fraction first introduced
  • Matt Fraction w Salvador Larocca  a Fear Itself Part 2: Cracked Actor The Invincible Iron Man 505 August 2011 Marvel Comics Matt Fraction w
  • blood - to - plasma concentration ratio was 0 636. The unbound fraction of lobeglitazone in microsomal incubation medium was 0 479. Lobeglitazone was primarily distributed
  • HAT - P - 12b is most likely an H He - dominated planet with a core of perhaps 10 M and a total metal fraction of 15 This makes HAT - P - 12b the least massive H He - dominated
  • about 95 km each. The density of 2001 QG298 should be at least 0 6 0 7 g cm3 for it to remain bound. MPEC G54: DISTANT MINOR PLANETS 2006 Apr. 25. 0 TT

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